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Trash the Dress photography, Edinburgh / Scotland

I don't do wedding photography - loads of other photographers do.

You can use my portrait services for engagement or pre-wedding shots, but I specialise in Trash the Dress shoots.

This is a recent style of photography which takes place after the wedding. Here, the bride wears her wedding or evening dress in a location (usually but not always outdoors) where it doesn't matter if it gets dirty or even ripped and torn.

It's a great way of making a statement - and having original and exciting photographs that will cause a stir!

What to expect:
The first thing we'll do is discuss how much you want to 'trash' your dress! We can go for a shoot that will see your dress survive after a dry-clean; or one that symbolically and literally renders it unwearable ever again.

Once we've done this, we'll discuss location - seashore and forest shots are popular; as are urban locales and edgy interiors.

We'll then meet at the location and arrange lighting and poses to get you a shot that's 100% original and which is a unique memory of your recent wedding.

Shoots like this usually take 2-3 hours, especially as you'll need to change!

What you'll get:
Within 72 hours of the shoot, you'll receive access to a password-protected website containing proofs (unprocessed images) of the shoot. On average, there will be around 40-50 of these.

You will choose up to 5 shots you like (additional shots can be chosen for a small additional fee).

I'll then process these to your instructions (e.g. black & white, retouching, etc) and make your shots available online for you to download.

Included in the package are 3 of your favourite shots printed on high-quality paper at 10x8 inches.

All shots will be made available in high-resolution, suitable for printing on sizes of up to 10x8 inches.

Additional sizes and resolutions (e.g. for publication / print) can be provided on request.

My fee will depend on location and length of the shoot. Trash the Dress photography services are available outside Edinburgh for an additional fee. Prices start from £80. Please contact me to discuss details and I can provide you with a quote by return.     
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